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Consulting & Education

Media and Film Consulting/Interviewing, Speaking, Workshops and Retreats
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Mental health and personal development knowledge belong to all of us.


With 15 years of experience in the mental health field, and many more years in musical performance, songwriting, athletics, mythology & spirituality studies, and nature-based work, I love offering the synthesis of my experience in the service of greater healing. I've worked in a variety of settings, including in the education system, community mental health, private practice, outdoors, in stores, on stage, on screen, in homes and assisted living, and of course, via telehealth. Let me put these years of diverse doings to work for your contributions to the world.


I am available for media collaboration offering the following services:

- Speaking

- Workshops

- Presentations

- Consultation 

- On-screen/ podcast/ radio interviews- either as interviewer  or subject

- Creative Consulting for characters and plot lines

My body of knowledge includes intersections between:

-Body-Centered Psychotherapy, and the embodied experiences of being human

- Development and trauma across the life span

- Relationship dynamics: Red and Green flags

- Spirituality, cross-cultural mythology and energetic healing

- Environmental sciences and human-nature connection

- Music, songwriting and performance

- Athletics and Outdoor Pursuits

- Having heard the intricate details of thousands of stories of pain and triumph, and having  gotten to explore my own with the benefit of my education and community, I know how much struggle we humans have in common. I also know for a fact there is a persistent, golden wisdom that exists within each of us. Often called the "Big 'S' Self, I've seen the magnetic quality of the unfettered, inherently harmonized, and basically good essence that exists within each person. If you want to explore this, it's my favorite topic


Media Collaboration Examples

Project Pivot

2022: Voortex Productions presents this full-length documentary that asks questions about fear and grit. A skateboarder, a mountain biker and a rock climber are dropped into each other's sport to discover what drives them, what scares them, and what they all have in common. Two mental health professionals join the athletes in the journey to offer perspectives and dig into their experiences.

Role: Participating Body/ Trauma Psychotherapist

My IMDB page:

Workshops & Retreats

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Contact me at for questions and to register. Please bring a chair or a pillow to sit on, and a journal for recording notes and reflections. Tinctures and Teas will be available for purchase.

Pay via Venmo: @Jennifer-Beauvais-LW


Sacred Learning Circles are a unique, experiential format for learning, education and embodiment. The goal is to honor participants' growing bodies of wisdom in our time of great change. As current or future elders of our community, I believe it is important for us to collectively "scout out" the human experience, and to build mental health and relational resiliency. Every struggle we meet and transform, and every victory we celebrate, has value for future generations. Our younger ones will be looking to us to teach them how to cope and thrive, and by regarding our emotional journeys as sacred and salient, we may be able to help them. I want to join together with others to create interpersonal and intrapersonal safety in order to advocate for more harmonious now and future.

My intention for creating Sacred Learning Circles is to honor our ongoing rites of passage toward elderhood, as well as cultivating wisdom on all levels- body, mind, earth and spirit. We are not alone. Our stories might have nuance, but people will relate. And as we learn to align with nature, the harmony we discover on the inside can become a blueprint for what we create on the outside.

Ceremonies are non-denominational and do not include natural medicines unless otherwise noted in marketing materials. However, wisdom traditions, religious imagery, and energy medicine may be discussed in a mythopoetic and educational sense. 

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Jennifer Beauvais and Maps of the Inner Terrain Counseling Services PLLC proudly and joyfully partners with the Shine Song Collective. Song is a birthright!

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